The innovative solutions of Schneider&Söhne Group are a guarantee of the success of your company.

Our key task is to solve the fundamental problems of any company: how to find a suitable client and establish long-term relationships with it. Owing to our 20-year experience, we have developed a number of innovative concepts that are adaptive, both in relation to changes in the market and the needs of our customers. We improve our qualifications continuously and train our skills gradually for effective adaptation to changes.

If you want to know what our company can do for your company, please contact us and you will be favorably impressed with our professional enthusiasm.

Our services

Our team consists of qualified technologists, methodical consultants, innovative business trainers and well-trained service personnel. The type of the service, an approach convenient for the client, as well as dynamic work and commitment to quality of the service is our highest priority.

Corporate Development Concept

Thinking about steady growth and a successful future, Schneider&Söhne invests in employees and young experts, the quality of products and services, the cutting edge processes and organizational structures, as well as, in particular, in long-term relationships with customers. Acting in the best interests of our customers, we identify new trends and follow those that will be essential for our customers.

The basic premise for our successful work is the cutting edge equipment, which makes it possible for us to playfully meet the challenges of today. However, we put more value on people who work for Schneider&Söhne than technology. This is because it is they who meet the needs of customers, using the know-how, interest and an accentuated commitment to providing quality service. We are constantly improving our professional skills and increase performance. To this end, we invest in our staff, offering various advanced training courses and internship programs, as well as targeted support.

Unser Team

Wer steckt hinter den Kulissen?


History of the Company

Mai, 1999

First experience and orders in the area of marketing. On May 25, Sergej Schneider founded this company and initially worked with small orders for advertising and direct marketing in the historical center of Berlin.

September, 2004

In 2004, the director of the company, together with a partner, established the first subsidiary, SASS Advertising Agency, to enrich the established marketing concepts with new and fresh alternative ideas.

May, 2012

First orders from abroad. It sounds as if we are talking about a vast expansion, but everything was developing progressively: first in Austria (autumn 2009), then, the next year, it was Slovenia’s turn.

November, 2011

In 2011, they established a second subsidiary, KSK TOVA GmbH. The company’s business is the sale of spare parts for vehicles, in addition, in the same year, the company set about export operations.

April, 2015

In 2015, IE-ST GmbH, an import-export company, was established. The company sells food products and fresh raw materials, as well as assists in import-export operations and the introduction of brands.

299customers in the world market
150customers in the German market

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